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Director's Diary - Day 1

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Today was a draw. Like for reals tho.

Woke up to a random text from a gentleman that I was going to connect with as a potential donor. -WIN

Lauren created a check-in process for producing. -WIN

I'm thinking I'm on a roll.


Come noon, I'd sent out two "looking for funds," emails and felt so desperate.

Being that vulnerable and asking for money triggered my sad inner child. -LOSS

By 2 p.m. I had sent out 5 emails, with only 1 response. The reply was from a dear friend who shared that he was going through a divorce and his funds were on lockdown.

My heart ached for his kids, divorce sucks.

Basically, nobody else replied. -LOSS

I told Andrew to remind me to fund artists (when I've finally join the ranks the "haves.")

During the afternoon, I took a series of calls with potential crew members, to discuss the (slightly insulting) low rate I have to offer during this pandemic.

I could hear their chagrin. Not one person confirmed, they each said, they'd get back to me. -LOSS

Then I took a call with a person, someone who may help with post.

I felt so incredibly novice.

They asked questions using terms that I was familiar, but in the moment I had to google. :(

For example: Codec. The question being - What codec will the camera be using?

Now I know codec has to do with video file compression, and something with data size, but I was not prepared to discuss that or quickly find that in information. -LOSS

Then they asked a simple question regarding production timeline.

"When do you want to be locked by?"

Fuck me. :(

My brain went blank, having a stumble with the codec question, I jumbled up all post vernacular.

Immediately, and in the moment, I had to google "locked in post production meaning."

Mind you, I had already created a production timeline and knew when our locked date was, but I completely spaced.

Locked - "picture lock" means that the creative team has reviewed and polished the edit and it is "locked," no further edits will be made that would change time or selected shots.

CUE: Imposter Syndrome.-LOSS -LOSS -LOSS -LOSS -LOSS -LOSS

Miranda Bailey popped into my head.

She has short hair, wouldn't it be fun, I thought, to style Miranda's hair like my mom's 80s hairdo?

Then I remembered that, when interviewing her on She Called Action, she mention that she began her career as an actress.

It's a long shot, but what the hell, what's the worse thing that could happen? She doesn't reply? That's the trend... BFD. Going to send her a DM on insta.

I'd call today a DRAW.

Alex Mini Codec Specs: ProRes 4444XQ, 422 (HQ), 422 (LT), ARRIRAW.

Picture lock: Aug. 30th

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