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Director's Diary - Day 3

Super excited about the possibility of directing Miranda. She has such great energy, also she totally looks like she could be related to me.

Sent Lauren my daily to-do list, felt a little behind given that many of my to-do items ran over from yesterday. But, I've always managed goals from the perspective of aim BIG, I'd rather challenge myself to get as much done as possible, than settle for achievable. That has never made sense to me.

Composed introduction emails to all of the secured crew members and Lauren. I am so relieved to hand off that communication and responsibility. Especially with the knowledge that Lauren will so wonderfully keep them updated and I don't have to store that or check up on that anymore.

Added Silver and Sarah to the weekly production calls. It's fun to see how every woman on the team will add a greater dimension to the project, adding a layer of completion by simply bringing their strengths to the table.

Lauren has also committed personal funds to the project, which means so much, not only is she behind it as a kickass Producer, but she even one-upped herself by stating that she believes in it so much that she will cover a portion of production.

I'm struggling with my blood sugar and carpel tunnel, it's as if they are in cahoots. For some reason the carpel tunnel makes my entire left hand numb and then my blood sugar levels are dropping too low to sustain my much-needed energy levels. I can't imagine being awake for nearly 40 hours straight helps. I do recall having a heart-to-heart with myself about time management. I'm of no use to anyone if I burn-out.

Note to self - reach out to Shawna Davis about getting her anti-burnout video.

Production call went great, but it does sadden me that we are back to conversing as we were in March - heavy with the what-ifs and how to, should the state go on complete lockdown and curfew. I cannot do the late night fireworks and boom sounds.

Found the perfect costume for Carol in her waitress uniform. Given that my mom worked at a diner at the time, a light bulb turned on and I found a website where you can order uniforms for your diner. It's in the perfect color too.

Took a call with Cristen today to discuss reaching out to her incredibly talented composer friend. She was 100% all about it, so that excites me. I keep thinking about how the music will add to the tone and at some points dictate it.

My Amazon delivery of staples came in today, so I can now staple my script and begin to color code it. I will work out each layer of directing, from talent emotion in each moment, to music, to transitions, to what we are seeing visually. So very excited. And yes, I couldn't do this without staples, it would frustrate me too much, all those separated pages, waiting to fall and move out of order.

I found a really cool video on TikTok of a hand sanitizing station made from PVC, I am super excited about my trip to Home Depot. Buddy has also given me a supply list for the walls and I think I am going to have to buy a legit suede tool belt, because this is happening. We are scheduled to build the walls the first weekend of August. Booyah boy.

I took fifth in my Peloton class today, it nearly killed me, but the top five were ALL GUYS and I'd be damn. So I hit a PR in a 30 minute class and created a new maximum heart rate, but I bumped one of the dudes down and represented the women. According to my fitness watch, I still did not do enough activity, but I did some.

Pre-production requires a lot of time sitting in one's chair. I'll do better tomorrow.

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