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Director's Diary - Day 8

Having taken the weekend off for my husband's birthday, I started off the morning feeling incredibly behind. I honestly fought with myself and the strong desire to go into my office to work. ALL WEEKEND LONG.

I saw emails come in and wanted to activate, I wanted to immediately reply and continue the momentum. Yet, I know the importance of work, life balance and when it gets out of whack, so do I.

So I started the day, behind. I did not stop and create an action list, I did not workout prior to sitting in my chair and I only meditated ten minutes prior to hopping on a call with Miranda, because my ass knew that if I didn't meditate, I would be emitting too high of a frequency to seem chill.

With all of this written, I do feel like I achieved some really good work today.

To begin, MIRANDA freaking BAILEY is joining the cast of Coyote and I am so jazzed to be able to work with her. The phonecall with her this afternoon was invigorating, she picked up on nuances of the script, using adjectives that were spot-on to describe Carol. This is the part of the journey that I thoroughly enjoy, the part where I get to explore the characters with the talent that will bring them to life.

I worked with Stella on Friday evening and she was so animated in delivering her one adorable line! Her little Dr.Marten's came and sadly, they were too small, so we hopped on my iPhone and ordered another pair. I know that this may read as a tad bit bizarre, but I feel like she gets it, like she is comprehending that we are going to play pretend and she gets to take on the role of young Aubrey.

After my phonecall with Miranda, I began to reply to emails - the incredible and talented composer, who I reached out to, replied that he visited the website, read the script and has some ideas. How exciting. We are tentative for a call this week.

I also received a random email from a young composer who stumbled across the site and is interested in working on the project. Among his credits, is an internship with Danny Elfman, umm, hello?!? Amazing, and it's incredible that Coyote is garnishing that kind of traction. I do believe that the right talent is being attracted to the project.

Sadly, the Best Girl Electric, who I had made an offer to, declined. I asked her for feedback on why, but she didn't reply. My biggest takeaway from working at the C-Level in Corporate America, is Grow from Feedback. Feedback makes you better, wiser and able to manage future predicaments.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Miranda shared a referral for the Guard and this woman looks exactly like the image I had in my mind. So crazy. We are connecting tomorrow.

As I finish this entry and close the day, our really cool Gaffer, Genevieve Evans emailed me that she has a referral for Best Girl Electric.

Serendipitous - you know what I mean?

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