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Director's Diary - Day 4

Began today sending Lauren a hefty goal list, a lot of the to-do items were the miscellaneous non-high priority items leftover from earlier in the week. I totally didn't think I was going to get them all completed.

But I did. What, what?

Of course, I got zero percent sound editing done for tomorrow's podcast post, such is life.

Sent two emails, one to the amazing composer, who hasn't yet replied. The other to a production designer who is going to help me create a mock-up to give the studio. This is such a relief, because honestly, the budget is pretty maxed out - which meant that I would have to learn a skill in order to submit the request, and I am barely reaching proficiency in the Adobe suites. Skill learning is fun but usually takes me about 2 days, and I fear I don't have the mental capacity for this right now.

Andrew's birthday is Saturday and I am such a birthday whore, that I have to make sure the everyone in my family is truly celebrated to the fullest. I have opted to have a few close quaranteam peeps over and then go to brunch, all of this has been coordinated as a surprise to him. So while I making production calls and composing emails, I am texting friends locations and details.

Such is life.

Aside from getting another rehearsal on the books, I got every task completed. The little things that excited me, were getting a 12 x 12 remnant rug for the apartment for only $175.

Oh, and I also did a huge website extension last night bring the project up to date, with set design, this diary, a storyboard page and a talent page. I thought it would be fun for people to see how committed we are to bringing this project to life.

Mind you, learning website design DEFINITELY took more than 2 days.

It's a good example of learning a skill for one thing and then easily applying that skillset to another and being grateful that you had the tools.

Tonight I have a call with one of my favorite people, Fernanda, to catch-up and discuss the possibility of her coming on to help with post. Should CA shut down, we will try to adjust the timeline to still make Sundance but it will be nuts (and pretty aggressive.)

Allison is heading to Kansas to see family, so we bumped our Friday call to tonight. Our intention is to put together three different scenarios of the days. Planning in uncertainty.

Such is life.

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