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Director's Diary - Day 11

It's crazy to think that we are about 20 days out. There's so much and yet so little to do. This is when the pauses become crucial to success.

I spoke to Leo yesterday, we discussed our lens obstacle. In short, when we traveled down to San Diego to grab MOS footage, we used these really cool Leica lenses. They soften the shot, making the visuals more time-appropriate. I've used these lenses on nearly every shoot in the past year and the guy we rent them from is a really cool dude.

Sadly, Covid and the impact it has had on our industry, has forced him to sell them.

So our conundrum is that we now have footage to match and no secured lens rental.

He did sell them to a very nice DP, who said that he would rent them to us, if he wasn't using them on a shoot in Georgia. Pause, regroup and plan accordingly.

Anyways, I always love my calls with Leo, they allow me to talk about logistics but also unload some of the creative that it's taking harbor in my head. I explained to her how I want to transition from the interior of one shot to the exterior. I am envisioning this snake like recoil, where we move through the screendoor mesh to land on Carol's face.

So we discussed finding another location to rent Leica's and then I shared the transition thought so she could marinate on the best way to achieve it.

Anton delivered another rendition of the master living room, I am blown away, it's so good. He's added little touches, like closet doors, I hadn't thought of those prior to seeing them and now I cannot unimagine them being in the room. This excites me so.

I received a text message from the Key Grip I had reached out to, unfortunately her mother has a condition that is critical and so she cannot commit to the project. I didn't inquire further, but my heart does pause and feel heavy. After the sudden death of Andrew's mom, my empathy is all the more felt. This year has already been too damn crazy, to add an ill parent to the equation, my heart breaks.

Pausing is all the more necessary. We create to impact and yet, as creatives we seem to be more sensitive to the environment. I must pause to make space for the pain and the struggles. For they exist all the more during this volatile time in our world. It's as if one is in war, wounded, and notified that another battle is coming. Last week I had to pause to deal with an Uncle rushed into the ER as lung cancer defeats him.

This production has me running at full speed, and in such, I am learning that agility is vital, and life happens.

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