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Director's Diary - 12 days until shoot

I'm tired.

I spent most of the weekend working extensively on my shooting script.

It was important that I combed over the script multiple times, using a different lens for each pass. Costume, Emotion, Camera Movement, Shot Size, Blocking, Transitions, Character Introduction, Insert Shots and Sound.

Then I double checked all of my work, so make sure that what I was seeing in my head was being properly communicated. For example, when I wrote Zoom In or Shift Up, I felt it was important to find what the proper wording for that kind of movement. Pan, tilt, etc.

For me, this type of focus is so intense, that I feel completely drained after I am finished.

I heard back from SAG - the list of questions and expectations make this feel nearly impossible to achieve with their approval. I began to tackle it today and stopped halfway through, as I began to feel the immense pressure of obstacles with each question. For example, it asked for my HSS's (Health and Safety Supervisor) resume. I don't have a resume for her, I have an IMDb, so I stopped and composed an email to request one. Then there were questions about what type of COVID-19 testing we are doing. We've opted to ask everyone to go and get a test, then provide us with the results. However, SAG requires specific kind of COVID-19 testing, so I had to stop and research which facilities we were going to and what kind of testing they were doing. By the time I got to a scene breakdown request, where I annotated actor blocking and marked how they were going to be six feet apart... I saved my work and walked away.

Making a film is hard, making a film with a micro-budget is even harder, making a film during a pandemic while trying to keep everyone safe and account for zero error, well, it's hard to not doubt your motive for making the film.

Anyways. Trying to figure out the hydraulic dolly and whether or not the shot could be covered in a different, more creative and less equipment heavy approach.

BIG WIN - my dear friend at unsaid large studio, was able to get our PPE donated. So we are incredibly grateful for that gift.

I told myself at the beginning of this production, that I would spend my time wisely and budget for rest.

So tonight I will shut down early, watch an episode of "The Umbrella Academy," and wake up tomorrow to kick some butt.

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